The Restaurant Pizzeria LA STADERA is one of the most famous historical places of the city of Turin.

It is run by Salvatore Muscariello with the cooperation of qualified staff who joined him for years.

LA STADERA is the local reference for every occasion, from intimate dinner and refined at the banquet to celebrate a special occasion, from a quick lunch to pizza with friends.

The Midday Menu

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Alpitour Menu

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The environment

The restaurant is on one level and is divided into several separate rooms, one heated in accordance with (smoking lounge) aimed at those who just do not do it to give up a puff of smoke, during or after a meal.
The rooms are characterized by soft lighting, walls painted in warm colors, vaulted ceilings with exposed brick and laid tables well spaced care.

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As well as to ensure a high standard of cuisine we’re working hard to keep pace with the times and always facilitate communication and the transparency of our reality, in order not to generate “surprises.”

So we are also becoming more social and we present in the various web platforms, where you can receive and request more info on the restaurant in scales and get immediate feedback on the part of our staff.

In addition, you will have the chance to be up to date on our plates, our offers and initiatives, as well as enter immediately aware of events and other useful information! What are you waiting for?

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