A bit of history

LA STADERA boasts an important supremacy: the father of the current owner, Muscariello senior, has made known to Turin, in 1968, the real Neapolitan pizza.

The tradition wanted the “abbambate” cooked, that is, to a very high temperature for just one minute and a half. It came a soft texture and a little ‘indigestible, so you want to for fear that the product did not like, either by the remoteness of mozzarella and tomatoes true of Naples, he decided to adapt the dough all’immaturo taste of that Torinesi instead he preferred a pizza “well cooked and crisp”.

Today the taste is more mature, LA STADERA handed down the ancient art of pizza cooked in a wood oven after a slow leavening that helps to remember the smell and the lightness of the pizzas of the past.
Only by climbing the three steps of The Steelyard, you can convince yourself that you will be greeted with sympathy and kindness, you eat well, at a fair price, and you will get out sated and satisfied.